Semi classical Foundation Based Course Level 2: Songs Aesi Lagi Lagan & Dhondo re Sajana
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Last Update September 25, 2022

About This Course


About Course

 This Course covers a Level-2 Semiclassical Choreographies .

Focus: The Focus of this course is to provide choreographies

Target Age Group:  Anyone can join this Course but the course is specially designed for females.

Who can join? :  Anyone can join but people with some pre basic knowledge can adjust fast.

Content level of the Module: The Module in the course has basic content.

Difficulty Level:  The difficulty  is level 3.

Certificate after completion: Yes

Course Availability options: Course videos combined with online/offline sessions.

Specialty: Kathak based steps.

Free Demo Available: Yes

Duration: Course is available with various flexible delivery Options.

Additional requirements: No additional instruments required.

This Course Includes

Total 32 video lessons.

16 Foundation Videos & 16 videos for choreography lessons

Foundation Steps:

(Taal- Dadra Taal)

(Bhajan, folk, Bollywood song)

Part 1

1. Tatkaar (Dadra taal, Ekgun), (with intro of Dadra taal),
2. Hastak (2),
3. Chakker (3 taps in speed),
4. Tatkaar (Dadra taal, Dugun),
5. Dadra taal beats walk in front & back. (Footwork),
6. Griva- Bhed (2).
7. Dadra Taal ekgun padhant,
8. Dadra Taal dugun padhant.

Part 2

1. Tatkaar (Dadra taal, Chaugun),
2. Hastak (2),
3. Chakker (Ardh- feri),
4. Dadra Taal chaugun padhant
5. Dadra taal beats walk in right & left, (Footwork),
6. Griva- Bhed (2),
7. Tatkaar(Dadra taal, ekgun), (second style),
8. Hastak with tatkaar

Choreographies: Aesi lagi lgan Meera Ho Gayi Magan, Dhondo re Sajana

Module Step Lessons Videos: These videos are meant to teach basic drills/steps related to particular dance style/body part development etc.

Course Delivery Related 

  • Default the course comes with course videos combined + live sessions with faculty.
  • Please note that offline sessions or home sessions are only available if an offline Tree of Skills center is within 10 Km’s of your area.  
  • Default live or physical (in Center) session is one on one with duration of 20-25 minutes. Group sessions may last for 60 mins.
  • Groups are made if students have same skill and learning ability.
  • Default duration of home session is 40 minutes.
  • Fee for Offline sessions depends upon the fee structure of the offline center.
  • Course Duration: Is the duration for which the course is active. You can always increase or decrease course duration

Learning Objectives

Course is Kathak Based Semiclassical Course


  • No Specific Requirements.

Target Audience

  • Any one above 7 years of age.


32 Lessons

Session 1

Foundation Session3:11
Choreography Lesson2:56

Session 2

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5

Session 6

Session 7

Session 8

Session 9

Session 10

Session 11

Session 12

Session 13

Session 14

Session 15

Session 16

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