Guitar Basics Level 5: Learning Guitar Scales_D_E & F Scale
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About This Course


About Course

Level of the course: Level of the course is Intermediate in this age and course category.

This is a Beginner Intermediate Guitar course designed to introduce complete D E F scale in low/mid/high octaves.

Course Availability options: Course videos combined with online/offline sessions.

Free Demo Available: Yes

This Course Includes

24 Video lessons & 3 finger exercises.

Lesson Topic

Introduction of D, E, F Major Scales in Low/Mid/High Octave.

Finger Exercises Covered: 1432 Forward , 1432 Backward  1432 Combined

Focus: Exploring Guitar Scales throughout the fret board.

Duration: The original course duration is 12 weeks. Though student can take the course in options of 8, 12 weeks depending upon the skill set.

Instrument required: Student must have guitar.

Certificate after completion: Yes

Course Delivery Related 

  • By default the course comes with course videos combined + live sessions with faculty. But student can choose other options as well.
  • Please note that offline sessions or home sessions are only available if an offline Tree of Skills center is within 10 Km’s of your area.  
  • Default live or physical (in Center) session is one on one (personal session) with duration of 25 minutes. For a group of 4-6 then 60 minutes.
  • Groups are made if students have same skill and learning ability.
  • Default duration of home session is 40 minutes.
  • Fee for Offline sessions depends upon the fee structure of the offline center. For offline sessions student first has to buy online package then contact offline center and pay additional amount if any to complete the enrollment.
  • Course Duration: It is the duration for which you want the course active. You can choose multiple options. You can always increase or decrease course duration

Learning Objectives

Getting Knowledge of D E F major Scales.
Command over playing notes.
Knowledge about low/mid/high octaves.


  • Command over basic finger exercises.
  • Some fluency in playing guitar notes.
  • Guitar.

Target Audience

  • Anyone above 8 Years of age.


27 Lessons60h

Month 1_Week 1_Session 1_D Major scale low octave

Basics of Guitar Lesson4:13
Finger Exercise for Week 1 & 24:38

Month 1_Week 1_Session 2_D Major scale mid octave

Month 1_Week 2_Session 1_D Major scale high octave

Month 1_Week 2_Session 2_All three octaves of scale

Month 1_Week 3_Sesion 1_Scale jumbled octave exercise

Month 1_Week 3_Session 2_Scale three octaves with metronome

Month 1_Week 4_Session 1_Making music out of D major

Month 1_Week 4_Sesion 2_Improvisation & Submission by Student

Student will be asked create a small music piece out of complete scale for class 8th. Teacher will help to improvise same in class and same shall be submitted as a work by student in form of video.

Month 2_Week 1_Session 1_E Major scale on LO

Month 2_Week 1_Session 2_E Major scale on MO

Month 2_Week 2_Session 1_E Major scale on HO

Month 2_Week 2_Session 2_E Major scale on (LO) (MO) (HO)

Month 2_Week 3_Session 1_E Major scale Jumbled Octaves

Month 2_Week 3_Session 2_E Major scale Metronome

Month 2_Week 4_Session 1_Making music out of E major

Month 2_Week 4_Session 2_Find Any Note on Fret board part-1(Theory)

Month 3_Week 1_Session 1_F Major scale on LO

Month 3_Week 1_Session 2_F Major scale on MO

Month 3_Week 2_Session 1_F Major scale on HO

Month 3_Week 2_Session 2_F Major scale on (LO) (MO) (HO)

Month 3_Week 3_Session 1_F Major scale Jumbled Octaves

Month 3_Week 3_Session 2_F Major scale Metronome

Month 3_Week 4_Session 1_Making music out of F major

Month 3_Week 4_Session 2_Find Any Note on Fret board part-2(Theory)

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