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About Course

Level of the course: Level of the course is between Beginner and Intermediate in this age and course category.

This is a Basic Song course. It contains 1 bhajan spanned over 9 sessions. Bhajan is taught with composition.

Content of the course: Ganesh Vandana one of the oldest prayers devoted to Lord Ganesha. In this course we will teach the vandana with composition.

Course Availability options: Course videos combined with online/offline sessions.

Free Demo Available: Yes

This Course Includes

Total 9 Video lessons and 18 Practice tracks.

9 male Practice Tracks and 9 female Practice Tracks.

Ganesh Vandana videos and practice tracks to practice. 

        • Ganesh Vandana without Taal.
        • Ganesh Vandana on Teen Taal with normal and medium speed.
        • Practice Tracks of females, Adult males and kids.

Class Pattern: Each session is divided into 2 parts. Part 1 is video and part 2 is composition practice of the same on practice track.

Videos: Explains the way of doing exercise.

Practice Tracks: These tracks are meant help in actual practice. Student must play these and practice as per recorded instructions.

Focus: Get into habit of singing complete bhajans and to get the idea how basic structure of composition is transformed when lyrics are added.

Duration: The original course duration is 5 weeks. Though, student can take the course in 9 weeks as well.

Instrument required: No Instrument required. Practice tracks contain all the required help.

Certificate after completion: Yes

Course Delivery Related 

    • By default the course comes with course videos combined + live sessions with faculty. But student can choose other options as well.
    • Please note that offline sessions or home sessions are only available if an offline Tree of Skills center is within 10 Km’s of your area.  
    • Default live or physical (in Center) session is one on one (personal session) with duration of 25 minutes. For a group of 4-6 then 60 minutes.
    • Groups are made if students have same skill and learning ability.
    • Default duration of home session is 40 minutes.
    • Fee for Offline sessions depends upon the fee structure of the offline center. For offline sessions student first has to buy online package then contact offline center and pay additional amount if any to complete the enrollment.
    • Course Duration: It is the duration for which you want the course active. You can choose multiple options. You can always increase or decrease course duration


Learning Objectives

Student will learn how to relate composition with lyrics.
Exposure of singing same Bhajan without Taal, on Teen Taal normal and medium speed.


  • Practice Daily.
  • Practice tracks included so no additional instrument required.

Target Audience

  • Any one above 10 years of age


9 Lessons12h

Week 1_Session 1_Sathayi_Without Taal

Week 1_Video Lesson3:24Preview

Week 1_Session 2_Antra 1_Without Taal

Week 2_Session 1_Antra 2_Without Taal

Week 2_Session 2_Complete Bhajan_Without Taal

Week 3_Session 1_Sthayi_Teen Taal Normal Speed

Week 3_Session 2_Antra 1_Teen Taal Normal Speed

Week 4_Session 1_Antra 2_Teen Taal Normal Speed

Week 4_Session 2_Complete Bhajan_Teen Taal Normal Speed

Week 5_Session 1_Complete Bhajan_Teen Taal_Medium Speed

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