Teri Ore Courses

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Semi Classical Level 5: Learn Semi Classical Dance Foundation with Choreographies on O Saki Saki & Teri Ore

32 Lessons
40 hours

Basic Course to basic foundation of instrument in student. …

What you'll learn
DHastmudra, Double, (Anjali, kapot),
Teentaal beats walk in front, back, right & left,
Drsthi- Bhed (2)
Gat-nikas part 1 ghunghat,
Gat-nikas part 2 ghunghat,
Hast mudra, single, (Pataka, tripaltaka),
Footwork of cross legs. (Footwork),
Dristi-Bhed (2).
Teen Taal padhant of theka(dugun),
Tatkaar with nritya ke bol.